Meet Amy Rose

Hi, my name is Amy Rose Twomey. I grew up in beautiful Tacoma, WA and recently moved to sunny Fort Lauderdale, FL with my husband Jared. We moved here to do volunteer work with Sign Language translation, which is such rewarding work! This move from the west coast all the way to the east coast has been a huge adjustment for us. I’m still not used to seeing the sun rising on the ocean instead of setting. Still, it has also come with many wonderful changes and I am happy to have this new adventure.

I love to play! Whether it’s sports, board games, dancing or even hide and seek, as long as it’s fun, I’m there!  I also enjoy being in the outdoors (I guess I consider this playing too). I grew up camping, hiking, kayaking, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, and really anything else outdoors. Although, there are times that I enjoy sitting down with a good book or relaxing with my husband.

I have always loved photography, but have only recently started doing it as a source of income to support my volunteer work. I am so happy to have gotten this opportunity. I enjoy being able to express my creativity, but even more so, it is such a pleasure to be able to capture beautiful moments for wonderful people.

I am an out-going person and love to meet new people. If I haven’t had the privilege of meeting you yet, I hope to get the opportunity soon!